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[733.50 MB] FHD – Personal Submission Hold Trainer – Ft. Madison Swan – ServeGoddessD (1080×1920)

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12:38 min Full Video – Personal Submission Hold Trainer – Ft. Madison Swan Leaked Video Featuring Madison Swan:

I’m on the mat with dummy and explain to him that I have a visitor stopping by. It’s Madison, My personal trainer of sorts. As Madison enters he’s under the impression I’m about to do a workout with Her, which is only half right. He starts to walk away to go get lunch but I grab him by the arm and quickly he realizes that he’s going to be part of My “workout”. Madison jabs him with a punch taking him down to his knees and that kicks off the festivities.

You see, Madison isn’t just any personal trainer. She’s here to share Her knowledge of various submission holds and to help Me beat up on dummy! Hold after hold he finds himself squeezed between Madison’s powerful legs, and then gets to endure My attempts at the same hold. It’s not long before he’s making strange gurgling noises from the strain being imposed upon him. I honestly learned so much! Various types of scissorholds, some rear nakeds, and of course I couldn’t resist facesitting a little bit while he was lying exhausted on the mat. These skills will be so valuable whenever I’m tempted to demonstrate My power! – ServeGoddessD Leaks Free Download