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[246.24 MB] HD – Submissive Training Affirmations Part 4 – goddesstormie (720×1280)

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12:29 min Full Video – Submissive Training Affirmations Part 4 Leaked Video This is part four of a seven part series where I help guide you to focus on your future affirmations and help train your weak little minds and mold you into the perfect, selfless submissive. It’s no secret that you need my help. Without my guidance your life is dull and meaningless, you’d be lost. You need me to help you and show you the way. Start your journey today by purchasing this clip, repeating the affirmation, and following the instructions. Your mind and your bank account will be empty by the end of this series as you begin to accept your new and improved lifestyle. Watch this on your knees, headphones in, focusing entirely on the sound of my voice. – goddesstormie Leaks Free Download