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[1.44 GB] FHD – Pay for my Food and You can Play with my Feet – Findom – footpunkz (1080×1920)

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10:50 min Full Video – Pay for my Food and You can Play with my Feet – Findom Leaked Video We had just gotten back from the store and she was too tired to pay attention to me. I begged her to let me mess with her feet..and she finally said okay, but I had to order and pay for food, and she was just going to sit on her phone while I did it. She gave me a time limit..when the food got there, I had to stop.

She knew how long I had been waiting to spoil her and her feet..and she took full advantage. The meal was expensive..and I didn’t have long. but I had waited for so long to finally get a chance at her feet..and she knew I was willing to do just about anything she asked to shove her toes down my throat.

I pulled off her shoes started peeling off her socks slowly, really wanting to get a good look at her sweaty soles as I pulled them higher and higher. Once I had them completely off, I eagerly started licking all over her feet and in between her toes. She occasionally looks up for a second, but mostly completely ignores me while I enjoy her feet. Once the foot gets there, she orders me to go grab it. While I do, she gives a little sole show to the camera, finally acknowledging that people are staring at her feet. She spreads her toes and wrinkles up her perfect soles to show them off one last time before she gets up and leaves. – footpunkz Leaks Free Download