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[1.39 GB] FHD – Neighbor gets Shrunk and farted on – Katherine De Vil (1080×1920)

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19:34 min Full Video – Neighbor gets Shrunk and farted on Leaked Video This was a custom video:

You can be as dirty, sadistic, burp or fart as much as you want in the video. You can also come up with your own lines. (Make sure the guy is taped or tied up throughout the whole video.)

The video will start out with you sitting on your couch pretending that you’re breaking the 4thwall explaining to your viewers that you recently caught a couple of 21 year old aged men, that are your neighbors taking pictures of you. You told them that they needed to give you their names and where they live so you could report them. Unfortunately only one brave man told you their information. However, you really put their information in this app to shrink him down and send him to you in the mail as a custom order for you.

You now take out the little taped/tied up guy from the box not knowing where he is and how he got here, but he recognized you. You tease him about his predicament and tell him that you are going to give him a real bizarre punishment. You tell him that this punishment hopefully will make him think twice about his future actions. You then ask him if he wonders why he is taped/tied up with a gag in his mouth. You then let out a loud laugh. You tell him that you also requested that he was dipped in a chemical that makes his body unbreakable. You need him alive, because the last boy you ordered wasn’t dipped in the unbreakable liquid, and his body turned into a smelly mess after a couple days. You then finally tell him what is going to happen to him.

You tease him how so many men are straight pigs that are obsessed with a part of you where dump comes out of. You tell him that you are going to break him and make him to become obsessed with your natural scent. You tease him that after today he is going to beg you for forgiveness and he is going to question reality. You’re going to drop him inside your panties and leave him there for hours every day. You tell him right now you are only going to keep him a week, but there is a catch. Every time he passes out or is not sniffing for a long time of time you are going to double the time. So if he passes out today it’s now two weeks and so on. So pretty much if he passes out 4 times you’re going to keep him forever You now decide to drop him inside your panties. You tease him that he looks scared, but he really should have thought about being a pervert.

When you drop him inside your pants you then begin to fart on him. You tease him about how you specifically left out that you’re a real gassy woman and it is going to be really hard for him to focus. You tease him that the woman secretly has horrible gas, and he should enjoy your all natural stinky perfume. You tell him that you’re going to do some chores around the house and you will be farting while you do them. While you’re pretending to do the chores you could come up with any sadistic lines teasing him about his current situation, being taped up, gaged or what you ate. You then noticed that he seems not to be moving anymore.

At one point you take him out and laugh that he is getting close to passing out.

“No, don’t pass out little guy, it has only been 3 hours. It would be a shame if you had to sniff my ass for 2 weeks now.”

You tease the camera that he looks weak and hungry. You then mention to him that “don’t worry I have “organic meals planned for you” You then laugh.

If he gives up this quickly he won’t get to see his relatives and friends again. He better learn fast or otherwise his new neighbors are butt cheek one and butt cheek two. Unfortunately for him it is almost rigged for you to keep him. You tease him about how he better get used to this for now, because no one in the neighborhood is going to think that when you go out in public a little man is squirming in your ass crack. You then let out another fart. You also remind him that pretty women also have smelly dumps too. You tell him that he is lucky it is almost bedtime, because the smell of your ass after a dump might knock him out. You are going to be nice for now and keep him inside the box he arrived in. You then look at the camera and ask the viewers “Do you think I am being too cruel to the little guy? He is a pervert and I sadly need to make an example of him” Your going to have so much fun with him and you remind him this could have all been avoided if he and his friends didn’t watch you change. – Katherine De Vil Leaks Free Download