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[2.33 GB] FHD – Giantess’s magic lips – Lia Lennice (1080×1920)

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19:34 min Full Video – Giantess’s magic lips Leaked Video I know you love watching me put on lipstick. I put many, many layers on myself. That really turns me on….But you don’t know that I have magic lips! With one big kiss I can shrink you down so I can hold you in my hands. You are a tiny guy now. You are mine forever. I own you. You are trapped forever. You are my play toy. You are so small and weak. I lick you aroung my with my huge tongue and lips. Hmmm, so delicious! I am your cruel giantess mistress.
You can’t do anything. I hold you tight and enjoy tasting you more and more. I think I will swallow you to be with me forever tiny guy.     ****GIANTESS fetish, Tongue, Dirty talk, Lots of lipstick, Big lips, Femdom, Mistress, Mouth fetish**** – Lia Lennice Leaks Free Download