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[725.81 MB] FHD – Hanging on the edge of pleasure & pain – MistressTess (1080×1920)

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11:59 min Full Video – Hanging on the edge of pleasure & pain Leaked Video Mistress Tess has Her personal slave bound in a seated position, legs strapped wide open, wrists chained away from his body, completely helpless for what is to come.

This is part of his training, to associate sexual arousal with pain and suffering, already raging hard when Mistress Tess walks in, She sees an opportunity to use this against him She further arouses him edging him, teasing his body, giving him hope that She’ll allow him an orgasm, if only a ruined one. But no, instead he gets a savage kick in the balls sending waves of agonising pain through his body. After several kicks, She grabs his throat and shoves his head back with one hand and then starts to edge him again, despite the pain it isn’t long before he’s close to orgasm again, by now though, he knows what comes next.

This treatment continues over and over as Mistress Tess breaks Her slave down, conditioning him desire the pain that allows him a few moments of sexual pleasure! – MistressTess Leaks Free Download