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[2.37 GB] FHD – Vacation Return – Custom Clip – DominantJade (1080×1920)

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16:45 min Full Video – Vacation Return – Custom Clip Leaked Video CUSTOM CLIP SCRIPT

Vacation Return:

1st 5min: Your slave has returned from vacation. You welcome him back, ask how his vacation was and then you say “I’m not in the mood to hear much more, you know what time it is. Time to smell.” “Come kneel in front of me. Make sure your nose is clear. Close your mouth.” You take off 1 shoe and place it over his nose. “Smell.” You keep repeating “smell” until you are satisfied. Repeat the same with the other shoe.

2nd 5 mins: “Now take my socks off and hand them to me. Open your mouth.” You place 1 sock in his mouth and tape it shut. “Now all you can do is breathe through your nose. You then tell him to just look at the bottoms of your bare feet. “You are about to smell these.”  You place each foot over his nose and demand him to “smell” even if he already is just to be annoying. “Keep smelling. Smell”

Last 5 mins:
I am going to the gym and you tell him you are going with your bare feet in tennis shoes with no socks. You return and tell him to lay down and you place a chair over him, sitting above him so you have direct access for your feet over his nose. “Time to smell my gym feet.” You place each bare foot over his nose and demand that he inhale up and down your entire foot. “Just smell.” You look down at him “how does it smell? Keep smelling.”

To close, you tell the slave you want him to blow his nose with a tissue. “I want to make sure my scent is engraved back into your brain since you’ve been gone.” Is your nose clear? OK, nose up…back in between my toes and breathe deeply. I want to feel your breath between my toes. “Smell my feet.” “You are my bitch again.” Video closes. – DominantJade Leaks Free Download