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[779.60 MB] 4K – Girlfriend Turned BBC Cuckoldress – KittyKass (2160×3840)

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10:24 min Full Video – Girlfriend Turned BBC Cuckoldress Leaked Video *Custom request resale*
The script- A video where you catch me jerking off to porn and you’re upset about it especially me looking at other girls. You take my phone to see what I’m jerking off to. And when you look you discover it’s bbc bang gang porn, Femdom, and cuck porn. Upon this discovery you ask why these girls all kind of look like you, and you decide since that’s what I’m into, that’s what you’re going to do. You kind of switch into a cruel GF mode and pull out your biggest bbc dildo and start telling me about all the bbc guys you used to fuck and how secretly slutty you were before me and how much bigger and fatter they were as you demonstrate the big dildo on yourself. You tell me that many of them were uncircumcised which you liked better than my tiny normal white boi clit. You tell me You actually made a secret tinder where guys have been hitting you up and sending you their bbc pics that you begin to show meYou tell me how you’re going to let them do things you’d never let me do like anal and that small white cocks like mine only get vanilla sex at best; and even that’s going to stop. You tell me You’re going to film your bang gang and cuck sessions so I only watch you from now on. I’m forbidden from watching other girls and porn now and can only watch your snaps, videos, and in person cuck sessions if I’m lucky. And the only way I’m going to cum from now on is to this after I clean up all the messy loads you bring home. Finally you tell me how you’re going to go back to being a slut like before you met me. Perhaps even worse. How you bet I didn’t realize what a slut you are and that it’s my fault for showing you what you really need out of a cock – KittyKass Leaks Free Download