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[1.16 GB] FHD – Degraded By Your Dream Girl – Queenvixoxo (1080×1920)

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11:38 min Full Video – Degraded By Your Dream Girl Leaked Video You’re obsessed with me, enthralled by me, maybe even in love with me. But me? I feel nothing for you. You’re one of hundreds, maybe thousands of simps that devote your life, cock, and wallet to me because I’m your “dream girl.” You’re unimportant to me, irrelevant if we’re being perfectly honest.

And yet, you still fantasize about being with me. That maybe one day, I’ll see you for who you truly are: special, important, and deserving of my love (and perfect goddess pussy.) It’s hilarious… because that would NEVER happen. I don’t fuck losers, I use them. So let me crush all those fantasies, hopes, and dreams, and show you where you truly belong.

This clip contains elements of beta acceptance, verbal humiliation, brat worship, degradation, stroking/masturbation encouragement, goddess worship, sexual rejection, big tits, and female domination from a FemDom POV perspective. – Queenvixoxo Leaks Free Download