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[378.18 MB] FHD – Losers Don’t Deserve To Jerk – Goddess Ruby Rousson (1080×1920)

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06:22 min Full Video – Losers Don’t Deserve To Jerk Leaked Video You want Me to ruin you with My savage words, wicked smile, and imaginary touch. You crave the feeling of being utterly powerless in My presence. You long to be consumed by My control. There’s no hope for you, and you know it. Yet, you cannot get enough of My cruel words.

We both know that you’re a loser–that there is absolutely nothing interesting or redeemable about you. It’s irrefutable that you, a simp, will amount to nothing more in life than a mediocre existence of dullness and disappointment. You’ll never reach the goals you dream of and never make anything of your life.

There is no way out of this endless cycle. Don’t worry, though; I’ll be with you every step of the way, whispering harsh words with a smile on My face. I’m here to make sure you realize just how insignificant you are and that nothing you do will ever make a difference.

And yes, I know you can’t help but touch yourself while I strip you to the core of your being and humiliate the pitiful thing before Me–but you don’t deserve to jerk off to a Goddess like Me. Get your hand off your cock, and beg, beg to touch yourself in My presence. – Goddess Ruby Rousson Leaks Free Download