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06:51 min Full Video – Nurse in Charge Leaked Video I’ve had a nasty break up but I am stuck here at the clinic working. Explaining how hard its been and how you wouldn’t understand being a submissive man. So I have the patient treat me today, using a mouth dildo I make him fuck me; as I will do with all of my patience today. I don’t even care that he has a broken leg. Telling you maybe I should start my own clinic and have them do this all day, then I wont need a boyfriend anymore. I think my pussy is healing his leg as we speak actually. Making him go harder so I can feel like it’s my boyfriend. Then making fun of him for being a virgin, he is so very luck. Teasing him by telling him if he gets me off I will let him suck it. After I have an orgasm I take a moment of rest with my feet on his head. – KittyKass Leaks Free Download