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[422.59 MB] FHD – 7 Tasks to Simplify Your Life – irlWaifuGoddess (1080×1920)

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09:20 min Full Video – 7 Tasks to Simplify Your Life Leaked Video There is no more beautiful way to simplify your life than to fully submit to your Goddess, letting me make all decisions for you. So I’m assigning you 7 tasks that will ease you in & simplify your life. If you’re a good, obedient pet & listened to my instructions, you’ll instantly see great improvements in your life. Remember that serving me means always striving to learn + grow into a better submissive for me, sacrificing for my pleasure, & striving to do better. You can always come back to these tasks to reflect & further improve these areas of your life. & if you haven’t yet, remember to send me proof that you’ve completed your tasks like my good little toy. – irlWaifuGoddess Leaks Free Download