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[1.47 GB] FHD – Weird and Narcissistic Prodom Only Smell Scene – Amaranth Velvet (1080×1920)

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40:26 min Full Video – Weird and Narcissistic Prodom Only Smell Scene Leaked Video After so many years of doubts and uncertainties, Alessandro decides to give vent to his perversion of being subdued by a ProDom.

She welcomes him into the house paying him compliments marveling that he is a handsome man. Alex is visibly embarrassed but She…

IN THIS SCENE: “Do you have a tired tongue? Do you want to take a break?” She mocks him and with an ironic tone, while he continues to say that he would like to go home, she takes off his boots and urges him to smell her feet wrapped in stockings.
Closed in boots, her feet wrapped in stockings are hot and sweaty and vain and proud of herself, she wants Alex to fill his lungs with her smell.
He finally has what he came for and even though intimidated by this strong woman, he begins to sniff her feet in the wet nylon stockings of the mistress’s smell and while he sniffs one foot, with the other she continues to stimulate him between the legs.

Alex came just to be submissive at the feet of a beautiful woman and now he’s a little more comfortable and aroused. “You came for my feet, right? They drive you crazy, don’t they?” She takes off her stockings and he starts to smell the bare skin of the mistress’s foot.
Vain, she gets excited to feel his warm breath under her soles and between her toes and to reward him, with her beautiful bare foot, she continues to masturbate his cock touching it through his panties while she moans with pleasure.
She excited by the his passion, she mounts him on top of her rubbing and kissing him with a lot of tongue until she, hot, takes off her dress remaining topless.

In This Scene: Stockings Smelling+Handjob, French Kissing, Rubbing, Barefoot Smelling+Handjob, Humiliation, FemDom. – Amaranth Velvet Leaks Free Download