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[1.97 GB] 4K – Flattened and Fucked full scene 4k – Goddess Tangent (2160×3840)

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27:48 min Full Video – Flattened and Fucked full scene 4k Leaked Video 2023 Adult Video News nominee for Best Transsexual Performer, Pixi Lust has gotten herself “Flattened and Fucked” by Goddess Tangent. That means that not only is Pixi in chastity, but flat chastity. Her cock is reduced to a flat little oversized clit. It’s cruel and hardly even an oversized clit at this point, but slaves go to great lengths to please Goddess Tangent. And of course Goddess uses Pixi as Her personal human spittoon and hollows out Pixi’s tight asshole with Her strap-on cock and then something bigger. To start, Pixi is on the St. Andrew’s Cross, as Tangent examines Her new toy and fills its mouth with spit. Then Pixi is gagged, spanked and the fucking ensues. Goddess Tangent gives Pixi’s asshole a thorough pounding. Once Pixi’s insides are well hollowed out, comes the Pièce de Résistance, the huge and magnificent dildo that Goddess Tangent inserts into Pixi’s little rear hole. If it doesn’t all fit today, there is always tomorrow. – Goddess Tangent Leaks Free Download