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[1.31 GB] FHD – Munchausen by Mommy – SashaCurves (1080×1920)

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23:21 min Full Video – Munchausen by Mommy Leaked Video Mommy’s always been a bit overbearing and overprotective of her boy. Now that you’re becoming more independent and wanting to spend more and more time out with your friends, mommy’s desperate to keep you around. When you catch a cold, she takes the opportunity to pamper and comfort you, giving you a herbal tea she swears is a miracle cure and putting you to bed to rest.

You wake up swearing you feel completely better, and wanting to go out, but mommy cancels your plans and warns you to take it easy. And keep taking your tea. Stay in bed today where it’s safe. If you go out, you’ll only get more sick and mommy doesn’t want that. Mommy reassures you it’ll be just as much fun staying at home with her. You’re feeling oddly drowsy and subdued again from the tea, so when she starts teasing your cock and getting you hard, you don’t put up much resistance.

The intense orgasm as you nut inside your own mother’s mouth is like nothing you’ve ever felt and you forget all about your plans with your friends. Over the next few days, mommy keeps you dosed up with more and more of her special tea, convincing you you’re still too ill to go out and rewarding you for staying home like a good boy… – SashaCurves Leaks Free Download