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[2.48 GB] FHD – Manipulating my employee into sex – kristinaxxx (1080×1920)

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30:00 min Full Video – Manipulating my employee into sex Leaked Video It is an office style themed boss domination video. I’m the beginning I wear formal but sexy clothes (pencil tight skirt, blouse, stockings, sexy black lingerie underneath). I tell you that I have seen how you have been staring at me around the office, how my body is distracting you and such… with some joi mixed in while I tease my body and strip. But more edging and slower pace for the joi. Stuff like only stroking your head, squeezing your balls while stroking. Things like that. Doing this while I progressively strip, spank, talk dirty etc. I pull my boobs out with the bra still on and put a butt plug in asshole. Then I tell you to put a condom on and tell you it’s time to fuck. I start riding you in cowgirl on a chair, I really ride it fast with long strokes. But unfortunately you don’t last long and cum around 30 seconds in and I sort of tease you for cumming so quickly, and I make you take the condom off and eat your cum as a punishment. More encouraging than degrading when telling you to eat it. But still a dominant tone and kind of teasing. Telling you how good it tastes and such. Then we go for round 2. We fuck in reverse cowgirl, front cowgirl, doggie and finishing in cowgirl. Spanking and squeezing my butt checks/jiggling it throughout the video every so often. I keep asking you how you like my tight pussy, and saying things like “you like the way my boobs bouncing while I ride your dick” things like that. And doing a cum countdown inside of me towards the end. – kristinaxxx Leaks Free Download