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[2.71 GB] FHD – Dani The Cat-burglar – Danielle Maye XXX (1080×1920)

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09:00 min Full Video – Dani The Cat-burglar Leaked Video The Story
INT. BEDROOM – DAY We see from the perspective of a man relaxing on his bed. Suddenly a catburglar walks in with a bag. She immediately orders him to keep quiet and pulls out rope and duct tape from her burglar bag. She ties his hands above his head. ( implied above the frame ofcourse 🙂 ) She removes his socks, stuffs one in his mouth (below frame) and then adds a tape gag. While she’s doing this she explains how she has been staking out his house for the past few days. The burglar knows he lives alone so nobody will disturb them. Next she unbuckles and slips off his pants. Then she ropes his feet separately to the bed. She reveals that she likes robbing rich bachelors who she can undress and tie up. It makes her superwet which adds to the thrill of breaking in. Before she’s off to explore the house, she adds an extra tape gag because she does not want to take any chances. She promises that if he behaves and keeps quiet, then there might be a little reward, while caressing his underwear.. AN HOUR LATER The catburglar comes back and is seemingly annoyed. There’s nothing to steal anywhere. It took half an hour to crack open his safe only to find it empty. She takes her mask off out of frustration. Literally nothing of value in his whole house, except maybe for him. She starts thinking out loud. Perhaps there’s a way to make money out of him after all. She has always wanted to start up a dominatrix dungeon. He can be her permanent pet slave that she can offer to her customers to meet their sexual needs. Ofcourse before going through with that plan, she first needs to test out her merchandise. She tells him to get ready for a long night while she removes her outfit. FADE OUT – Danielle Maye XXX Leaks Free Download