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[393.69 MB] FHD – beating pillow – RedPillGirl (1080×1920)

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05:05 min Full Video – beating pillow Leaked Video 3rd person beating with full power punches. You won’t interact with the camera, instead you’ll communicate with the prop as if it were a real guy. You’ll lay the prop down and sit on top of it and do a ground and pound style beat down. I love seeing heavy punches where you rotate your body getting some power into the punches. Not a bug fan of hammerfists or flailing. Try to throw haymakers and connect with your knuckles. Good mix of verbal shredding and punching to pace yourself. Please wear a tank top that’s low cut and cropped or a sports bra abd shorts. Also please tie your hair or pig tails is good too. Just want to keep the hair out of your fade. At the end of the clip you’ll tie a belt around the prop about where his neck would be and pull it as tight as you can and hold for about 30 seconds. While pulling the belt mock and tease him. You could say aww can’t breath, too bad and bite your lip and yank on it even harder. Just be as sadistic as you can. – RedPillGirl Leaks Free Download