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[1.08 GB] FHD – Converse Humiliation, Edging and Chastity – Wynter Azure (1080×1920)

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11:02 min Full Video – Converse Humiliation, Edging and Chastity Leaked Video I know your deepest perversions, I know you’d rather jerk to my converse all stars than be with a Woman! You know my entire collection so well, as I show you each pair I remind you all the things you’ve seen Me do in them; from pressing against puppy-boy’s face, to even treating one sub to a shoe job…. It gets you so worked up that I encourage you to take your dick out and edge to them, of course it will cost you being in chastity for so, so many weeks! I verbally humiliate you while I allow you to stroke, and before I tie my high top over your face… I hand you the most disgusting pair of converse to fuck… I’ll let you tire yourself out, cum over and over again to my converse before I totally lock you up in chastity! It’s your payment for the converse treat! – Wynter Azure Leaks Free Download