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[808.12 MB] 4K – IVY Trigger Booster – payivygrey (2160×3840)

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11:00 min Full Video – IVY Trigger Booster Leaked Video You are lucky there is no preparation for your surgery today, slave. Besides consuming my induction and trigger clips beforehand, all you have to do is relax. I don’t even need anesthesia to knock you out, my triggers easily tranquilize you. An IV full of IVY is going straight to your brain right now and you can feel yourself starting to power OFF. Every breath you take is making you stupider. I lull you into a stupor and surgically enlarge the IVY trigger in your subconscious. You wake up dazed, confused and more controlled by me than ever before. Watch this clip after you have watched all of my induction and trigger clips, in that order. To find these clips type “induction” or “trigger” in my stores’ keyword search & start scrolling. Wear headphones & dim the lights too, drone. – payivygrey Leaks Free Download