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06:20 min Full Video – Time’s Up Leaked Video The cell door opens, I stand in front of you. Looking down on you. I am finally taking you out of there. you looks terrible. you’ve barely been fed enough to stay are in no condition to serve as a house slave. you are totally useless in this condition. I could have just let you rot in there, but I didn’t want the smell to make its way upstairs. you better thank Me for not leaving you there to depart. you may kiss My boots in gratitude. Crawl out of your cell, to stay on your knees, and place your hands behind your back, eyes on the floor. I am shackling your hands and feet from behind. Now stand. Hurry up. I could have just left you to rot. I’m sick of looking at you. Stop right there. you now see Me through the hoop. you just weren’t good enough to be My slave. But at least your demise will be entertaining. I’m going to enjoy watching you struggle and squirm, gasp for air. All that plasma that can’t get past the rope on your neck is going to settle in your cock. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll cum before you lose consciousness. Would you like a last kiss? I bet you do. – Empress Jennifer Leaks Free Download