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[736.45 MB] FHD – Tattooed and enslaved for life – Elis Euryale (1080×1920)

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10:01 min Full Video – Tattooed and enslaved for life Leaked Video Would you tattoo my face and name on your body? My sub C. did it, and this video is about the tattoo, and how I ‘rewarded’ him for this behavior. It is a POV that you can watch even though you don’t (yet) have a tattoo of me.

As I find out about your new tattoo of me, I share with you my thoughts on this artpiece. As usual you are nervous and ready to please me more and more… You are a real cumslut, and I know that very well, so as a reward for your devoted behavior, I allow you to come following my countdown. It is (and it will always be) too beautiful to be true: if you come, you will swallow everything, putting yourself in the most humiliating posture that I request from you now. I am not done yet. I have another gift for you: a full condom from another sub of mine. Open your mouth, taste it and swallow it too. I want you to spread all the cum that is on your face, dripping on your cheek, all over your face, and keep it that way to go out. Until next time, cumslut… – Elis Euryale Leaks Free Download