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[1.18 GB] FHD – Sofie and Ashlynn – The Ass of The Winner – TMFetish (1080×1920)

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19:36 min Full Video – Sofie and Ashlynn – The Ass of The Winner Leaked Video *Custom Script*
Best friends Ashlynn Taylor and Sofie Reyez made a bet and Ashlynn lost, now it’s time to pay up!! Sofie tells Ashlynn that she knows her ass looks so hot in the jeans she’s wearing and tells her she’s going to be doing more than just looking at her perfect ass, she’s going to bury her nose in it since she lost the bet! Sofie should tell Ashlynn to lie down on the couch and then take off her jeans revealing lingerie that shows off her ass. Sofie tells Ashlynn to make sure her nose is deep in the ass of a winner. (This section is reverse facesitting aka nose in butt, and Sofie should shake and wiggle her ass on Ashlynn’s face/nose from time to time.)

After a few minutes of light hearted punishment, Sofie pumps up the heat, telling Ashlynn she should know what victory smells like as well and Ashlynn to sniff her ass. Sofie isn’t satisfied by Ashlynn’s “lack of enthusiasm” so she grabs Ashlynn’s head and it into her ass, her to sniff her ass even louder. (Sofie should also shake her ass in Ashlynn’s face from time to time during the sniffing) After a few minutes, Sofie finally lets up laughing at what she put her friend through. Ashlynn is very angry at the punishment Sofie gives, calling her a bitch!
This angers Sofie, and she tells Ashlynn that the punishment isn’t even over. She’s going to have to apologize now, and not with her words. She’s going to have to get on her knees and kiss her ass until Sofie believes she’s sorry for what she said.

Ashlynn obliges dropping to her knees and laying a quick peck on Sofie’s ass. Ashlynn believes she’s fulfilled her obligation, however Sofie doesn’t, telling her to kiss her ass like she actually values their friendship. This ass kissing should go on for a few minutes, with Sofie saying she wants to be convinced that Ashlynn is truly sorry for what she said.

In the end Sofie makes Ashlynn offer proof that she paid up her end of the bargain. Sofie has Ashlynn hold a kiss against her ass and takes a few selfies of it. (Sofieshould take the pictures while Ashlynn kisses her ass) Sofie takes the humiliation even further, saying she’s going to post the pictures of the two “besties” on Instagram! What a bitch! Will Ashlynn get her revenge? – TMFetish Leaks Free Download