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[760.02 MB] 4K – Dedicated Ugg Bitch – 4K – Goddess Clue (2160×3840)

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10:18 min Full Video – Dedicated Ugg Bitch – 4K Leaked Video Prove that you have what it takes and you may be elevated to a new class of foot bitch. Do you think you have dedicated yourself to Me enough? You haven’t fully submitted unless you’ve bought Me a pair of shoes. My perfect feet require constant pampering. An endless supply of slippers is one of the many requirements. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing My feet in a pair of shoes you’ve sent to Me. Knowing that My scent and My sweat imbue them fills your heart. Only then do you know what it is like to be a real foot bitch. Show Me action. True dedication requires work, sacrifice and spending. Sitting there and stroking doesn’t fund My luxurious lifestyle. If you wish to be worthy of My attention then you will have to slave away. It isn’t easy becoming My dedicated Ugg bitch. – Goddess Clue Leaks Free Download