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[1.80 GB] FHD – S2:E2: Introduction – Cuddle Bunny (1080×1920)

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10:37 min Full Video – S2:E2: Introduction Leaked Video Mistress M introduces herself to the submissive viewer allowing them to worship her body.

0:00: Mistress M demands control, denying the privilege to see her body nor face, Mistress M will be wearing a curve-hugging black bodysuit and leather hood to do so. Her vibrant red lips speak dominance while her stunning hazel eyes challenge you to disobey. Mistress M will be in control of your body, mind, keys, and cock for the remainder of this series. You the submissive will follow all of her rules and complete each task she gives you, the joy of doing so and pleasing your Mistress M being enough of a reward. However, because Mistress M is so generous to her submissives there will be rewards for subs who behave but those who don’t will be given punishments. To please your Mistress M, you will be a good sub and worship every inch of your goddess.
2:15: The submissive will be given permission to take out their slave cock, unable to touch it until it shows gratitude for your Mistress. Looking your goddess up and down you can’t help the heat that rushes to the tiny member hanging outside your pants, her curves making her submissive’s cock rock solid. Mistress M teases her sub for getting hard so quickly, embarrassing them for being so eager and easy to please. With heated cheeks in humiliation, and a twitching member Mistress M demands the submissive start stocking their cock.
3:00: Mistress M enjoys watching her submissive eagerly rub their cock with excitement at the sight of their dominant Mistress. She caresses her bodysuit softly and slowly, teasing the submissive, their eyes unable to look away while they watch Mistress M on repeat for weeks. Continuing to jerk their cock the submissive viewer finds even more pleasure in the happiness it brings Mistress M to know they’re already dripping with pre-cum before even starting the body worshiping of your goddess.
4:42: Starting at her petite size 7 feet strapped in a pair of fuzzy black heels the submissive viewer’s eyes wander up towards her legs, muscles hugged tight in her black bodysuit, making the submissive stroke a little faster with excitement. Their eyes meeting her juicy big ass, moans slipping out their mouth in protest wanting to see past the zipper, knowing being the submissive viewer they will not be able to touch such a wonderful ass. Knowing that Mistress M is in full control of their sexual function, knowing they can not cum without her permission.
6:10: Teasing and tormenting the submissives hard on further by not allowing them to cum, just yet, she starts to describe how she would use the vulnerable sub for her pleasure. Mistress M uses the submissive by riding them, the thought of her warm pussy walls clenching around their cock makes their balls pulse wanting to be released. While on top Mistress M is in control of the speed, rhythm, depth, and when the submissives’ balls are allowed to slap against her clit. The thought of her cumming all over and making a mess that will need cleaning up.
8:25: She reminds the submissive viewer that their face is her favourite seating in the house, or that she could use them as footrest whenever she chooses or pampers and caters to her every need, no matter what she asks. So dear submissive viewer do you have what it takes to do what your Mistress asks, Do you have what it takes to give up control and obey? The submissive will obey their goddess, cuming when she says they can.
9:05: Wanting the submissive viewer to cum all over their naked body, she counts them down from 10…9…Such a good little slave 8…7… Keep going sub a little faster 6…5…4… So close, Don’t you dare cum yet…3…2… Don’t you want to please your Mistress..1….
Mistress M then demands the submissive viewer cum, cum all over themselves. Demanding they cover themselves in a massive load in order to please their Mistress, making sure to coat every inch of their body in a sticky hot mess.

Can you listen and obey? You have 24 hours to send Mistress M a full report on the following questions/prompts:
1. What is your name/nickname, pronouns, and BDSM title?
2. Define and describe what BDSM means to you.
3. Mistress M would like to know about her viewer, tell her about yourself.
4. What are your likes, dislikes, and limits or hard no’s?
5. What are your favourite toys, devices, and/or implements?

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