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[2.36 GB] FHD – Unruly students shrunken for teachers expirment – DawnOfTheRiver (1440×2560)

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21:43 min Full Video – Unruly students shrunken for teachers expirment Leaked Video Despite me asking you and your friends to be quiet you keep on disrupting the class. Fed up, i shrink you all down.

You are all shocked as i have you clean between my toes and worship my feet. I decide i want you even smaller though, and shrink you again.
This time i test your strength on my step stool ( clear stool ) and smash you underneath my feet. I stomp a bit and see that you all are really durable.

Next i want you even smaller, down to the size of a pepper flake ( real pepper flakes used ). I’m amazed by your tiny size and let you know im going to keep you all there on my feet as long as i’d like. – DawnOfTheRiver Leaks Free Download