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[212.06 MB] FHD – Jerk To Nothing – TheGoddessEmmyy (1080×1920)

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07:20 min Full Video – Jerk To Nothing Leaked Video I know you don’t get attention from women, so you turn to porn to fulfill that bottomless void in your life … and for just a few moments, you can escape the pitiful existence that it is to be you. You so desperately crave the slightest bit of attention.. you fantasize about receiving rewards as basic as a few nice words of positive affirmation or a mere glance. But your Goddess is cruel enough to deny you even that. You’ve earned absolutely nothing by being such a desperate fuck up. Lingerie, dirty talk, even censored nudity is way more than you deserve. You are truly a pitiful waste and a sorry excuse of a “man”. You’re going to jerk off and even cum to absolutely nothing at all, and I’m going to mock you the entire time for doing it. – TheGoddessEmmyy Leaks Free Download