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[816.14 MB] FHD – Order Your Personalized Locktober Video – MissAlikaWhite (1080×1920)

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11:10 min Full Video – Order Your Personalized Locktober Video Leaked Video IMPORTANT: This clip & response offer will be removed from my store very soon. Details at the bottom.

This is your one chance a year to get a personalized video with chastity instructions, made just for you.

Every year I take what I did in the previous Locktober and add to it. This year you can even upgrade for me to record weekly video messages with instructions for you.

If you buy this clip before it sells out, email your answer to the questions in the video within 5 days. The questions aren’t like the ones I asked last year, because I want to play with you in different ways. Your answers will help me decide how long to lock your cock up for, what your rules will be so I can make your cock throb in its cage with even more frustration.

Buying this will get you:

This 11 minute video
A 2-3 minute personalized clip made just for you (or 5-6 minutes if you use the markup code)
A chastity release date
Specific rules just for you
A premium upgrade option for more 1 to 1 control
And help me grow my collection of locked up bitches
You have to order your clip now so I have enough time to record everyone’s clip in time for October 1st. That way you get your video on the first day of Locktober and I have more free time in that month to make use of my chastity bitches. And this is just the start. I have a lot planned for my locked-up bitches throughout the month. If you’ve ever wanted to be under my control, this is your chance.

UPGRADE: Want to double the length of your clip to 5-6 minutes? Buy 3 other clips at the same time as this order and tell me you did that in your email.

FULL CONTROL UPGRADE: Give me even more control by getting a video message response to your emails, with instructions sent to you every week. You don’t need to do anything now. You’ll be sent more details and how to get this upgrade within a few days of buying this clip.

WARNING: The sooner you email me, the more likely your response will be ready on October 1st. Like all my personalized clips, I don’t want to record hundreds of responses, so I limit to the number of times it can sell. Once there’s enough sales, I’ll remove this clip from my store. – MissAlikaWhite Leaks Free Download