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[1.07 GB] FHD – Mean Prank for my Crabbing Slave – Pastel Goddess (1080×1920)

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15:05 min Full Video – Mean Prank for my Crabbing Slave Leaked Video My tied up and gagged crabbing slave is hoping for a treat today! I come in and tease him with the idea of giving him a blow job if he can survive just 2 Boston Crabs! It sounds easy enough, so the slave goes into the challenge with excitement and optimism. The truth is, I was never going to give him a blow job at all. I only wanted to get his hopes up just to dash them. I would never suck a loser’s dick! So after the first couple of crabs, I laugh and reveal to him that my plan was only to torment him and lead him on. He cries and can’t handle the fact that instead of a blow job he is only going to suffer from more crabbing, as well as full weight knees digging into his back. The gag is his mouth makes it impossible for him to speak or plead with me. He just has to accept everything I give him for as long as I want. There is nothing in this for him besides pain and humiliation. It’s sad and funny at the same time! Don’t miss out on witnessing this mean prank unfold on a real life loser! – Pastel Goddess Leaks Free Download