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[471.62 MB] HD – Pressing Delete on a Slave’s PC – mygoddessanastasia (480×854)

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14:00 min Full Video – Pressing Delete on a Slave’s PC Leaked Video Oops, you caught Me in the middle of a hacking session on My stupid slave’s computer. I use a software called Team viewer which allows Me to remotely access a slave’s computer. During a consensual team viewer session, I was able to get access to their photos, videos, emails, contacts, social media accounts, browser history. When I crown Myself as administrator on the slave’s PC and create My own password, I am am able to freely access their PC whenever I feel like it. Then…just for kicks, I install keyloggers and viruses on their PC just to fuck some sh !t up and RUIN that slave’s life if he does not comply with My demands. Keyloggers let Me keep tabs on EVERY keystroke, and payment enforcers FO-RCE you to tribute Me on a predetermined schedule. If you do not pay, you lose access to your PC. So you better behave, or I may choose to destroy you!

Write and direct your perfect femdom fetish fantasy starring Me, your True Goddess! You can choose what I wear, if I use your name, props, etc. Order a custom clip from Me tailored to your Desire NOW! – mygoddessanastasia Leaks Free Download