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My stepson is a freshman in college struggling with his college course in Human Sexuality. I am in my  room sitting on my bed folding clothes. I have had this fantasy about deflowering him ever since I caught him once getting out of the shower and accidentaly saw his huge hard cock  

He walked by and I asked him how school was today? He sort of just shrugged and  grunted. So I knew something was wrong.

He told me he was having a difficult time in his Human Sexuality Class. He failed a recent test about female sexual response and arousal of the clit and vagina and how a woman can orgasm.

He tells me it’s all a lecture and that he is better as a visual learner.
I explain that I am going to help him.

I tell him to sit back, just watch and learn. He asks if he can film you with his phone and I say yes.

I grab my Domi and cum really hard. I noticed how hard he is after watching me.

Later that evening I  go into his room to say good night with the intention of fucking him. I told him I just wanted to say good night and check on him.

I tell him I think there’s one more thing I need to teach him  about the female sexual response. I drop my robe to the floor before telling him to let his  step mom  teach him . I have sex with him and teach him things that will help him pass his class just like any good  stepmom would do. – TabithaXXX Leaks Free Download