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[3.47 GB] 4K – Surgical sounding and cum extraction – ClinicCouple (2160×3840)

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13:01 min Full Video – Surgical sounding and cum extraction Leaked Video Today’s patient is in the Doctor Jess’ surgical suite for some invasive procedures that will be performed on his dick. Before begin the procedure, Dr. Jess applies surgical drapes over her patient. Dr. Jess then expertly snaps on a tight pair of surgical gloves. The procedure then begins… she methodically dilates the patient’s urethra by sounding her patient with a series of surgical stainless steel sounds. As the sounds get bigger, the patient under the drapes begins to moan and squirm because of the intensity of the procedure, but that doesn’t stop Dr. Jess from continuing. Once the patient’s urethra is stretched to her satisfaction, she then performs a cum extraction. The wide opening from her patient’s stretched opening allows for a healthy flow of cum to release from his dick. The intensity of the procedure leaves the patient experiencing a complete, full-body orgasm. – ClinicCouple Leaks Free Download