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[1.11 GB] FHD – Gold Digging Bitch – Emma Lux (1080×1920)

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07:51 Full Video – Gold Digging Bitch Leaked Video I don’t play games. I don’t create a facade or pretend to actually be interested in you. No. I am only interested with what’s in your wallet. End of story. That turns you on and though, doesn’t it? A greedy, little gold digging bitch is your deepest fantasy. My arrogance and greediness makes your cock SO hard. I don’t pretend to care about you or your well being and that really turns you on. My greed is insatiable, I won’t stop until I destroy you. You will do whatever it takes to feed my greed. You will stop at nothing to please me. And what will you get in return? Absolutely nothing.

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