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[347.72 MB] HD – Foot Slaves will Bow Down before your Goddess’ Soles – MyMistressK_ (1920×1080)

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06:26 Full Video – Foot Slaves will Bow Down before your Goddess’ Soles Leaked Video My pathetic little minions on your hands and knees- you should be bowing down before Me. Serving Me and My feet is what you’re created to do. Keep your head all the way down to the floor, pressing your face down to the floor to the lowest place beneath Me where you belong! Slaves like you know your place Is below Me – worth nothing more than to be a foot slave. My happiness becomes before your wants or needs. you mean nothing to Me- I will use and degrade you as a servant who lives to make My life better. Praying to Me as your God, begging Me for more of My control, to be used for My entertainment – working for Me and completing any tasks or commands that I order! I will smash your face down pressed to the floor with My soles and keep your trapped under My control forever.. – MyMistressK_ Leaks Free Download