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Infinite Goon Loop – ElectricApril Full (3840×2160)

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16:15 Full Video – Infinite Goon Loop Leaked Video The Infinite Loop, a place where time bends to my will, and your desires are caught in a never-ending cycle. You’re about to enter a world where the start and end are one and the same, and the only way out is to give in completely.

The endless loop has to end somewhere? Where does it begin? How will it end.

You’ve been gooning all day, getting lost in the moment seems so far away as the minutes and the hours just wash away. I am showing you the way. As each cycle begins another cycle ends, over and over, just as you will be, stroking your cock over and over. Falling deeper and deeper into the trance that is my universe for Gooners.

The only way out is a ruined orgasm. Will you even make it that far?

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