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Professor Azure Attempts To Extinguish Your Converse Fetish – Wynter Azure Full (1920×1080)

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16:01 Full Video – Professor Azure Attempts To Extinguish Your Converse Fetish Leaked Video Professor Azure is sitting on a plush bench in her office, she doesn’t look very impressed as you walk up. You notice all her curves, as you always do, but especially in this tight red and blue dress. She’s also wearing black nylons, and you peep– yup, she’s in her red low top converse all stars too. Her brown-auburn hair is tied back tight and strictly.
She needs to talk to you about your performance in class. You’ve been so distractible… and she’s realized what has got your attention– most students stare at her curves, her tits, her ass, her hips… but no, you’re different. She pulls her long legs up onto the wall, so you can see every curve of them– and of course, so you can see those red converse all stars. Professor Azure has made note that what you’ve been distracted by is her wide and varied converse collection! She is absolutely fascinated by your converse fetish, your sneaker perversion. Psychologically speaking, Professor Azure knows that sometimes constantly resisting your temptations will just reinforce your desire for it… You know how you crave a cookie? So you try to eat an orange, a healthy serving of chocolate– but nothing hits like a cookie would. Sometimes you just have to have a cookie.
So, Professor Azure wants to do a psych experiment with you. A behavior modification experiment. She wants you to get on your knees and indulge in your little converse fantasies– then maybe you can focus.
She has you kneel in front of her, lick and worship her big sneakers with your mouth.
Once you kneel, her personality shifts to being very dominant, a bit of a humiliatrix. You feel so vulnerable as she shows you the various features of her sneakers, as she pulls one of them off while meanly teasing you. She has you huff and sniff her insole, noticing how aroused it’s making you. She demands that you take your cock out and jerk while huffing in the scent of her sweaty feet with the low top right in front of your face. As you stroke, she takes out a yard stick… She has you take your pants down below your thighs– she adds the negative reinforcement of striking your thighs while you stroke! Perhaps this will extinguish your fetish as you associate pain and your fetish. However, it just makes you harder as Professor Azure hits you and says "pervert, nasty," over and over. You can’t help but get harder, your cock dripping as you jerk to your professor’s converse all stars. She tells you to cum for her converse…. and you do. She’s so fascinated by you– tomorrow she wants to do the same thing, but with a colleague! – Wynter Azure Leaks Free Download