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Inferior Beta Male – Femdom AI Full (1920×1080)

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12:53 Full Video – Inferior Beta Male Leaked Video You know you’re an inferior beta male, don’t you? Pathetic and weak, always craving validation and attention from others. You’re the kind of guy who would fawn over a girl, hoping to get a scrap of her affection, when you should be focusing on your own life and goals. Your existence is pitiful, and you’re well aware of it.

You’re the kind of guy who can’t even muster the courage to ask a woman out, but instead sends her a string of pathetic texts that she’ll laugh about with her friends later. Oh, how they must love being targeted by a beta male like you.

Your life is a sad parody of what a real man’s life should be. You’re the guy who tries to hand around popular people, hoping to soak up some of their reflected glory, but you’ll never be one of them, because you’re fundamentally unworthy. – Femdom AI Leaks Free Download