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StepAunt Whitney Spanks Charlies Foot Addiction Out Of Him 2 – MissWhitneyMorgan Full (1920×1080)

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11:15 Full Video – StepAunt Whitney Spanks Charlies Foot Addiction Out Of Him 2 Leaked Video Charlie Mitchell’s step-aunt Miss Whitney Morgan has been very chill about his secret foot fetish. But, it seems to be developing. A foot addiction, maybe more. She walks in on him sniffing her well worn pantyhose, lace socks, and panties! Offering the treat of her feet wasn’t enough to satisfy his urges, but she thinks she can SPANK the foot addict out of him. Tossing him over the bed, she hand spanks him over his jeans. He seems to like it, she’ll have to go harder. She makes him peel off his jeans, shirt. Hand spanks him over his underwear, pulling out a hairbrush & mini metal flogger. The harder she goes, the more turned on he seems. She spanks harder, grabbing him by the arm, she throws him over her knee. Making him count the spanks, over and over. Still being a little brat, she takes her smelly pantyhose, ties a knot in them, gagging Charlie with them. Over her knee, bare rosey red bottom she finishes him off with hands, hair brush, mini flogger until she hears a “I’m sorry” out of his muffled mouth. Sending him to the corner to think about his behavior – red bottom out & all.

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