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Dr Lapin Assists Your Mistress w Anal Training in Referral – Leela Lapin Full (1920×1080)

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19:57 Full Video – Dr Lapin Assists Your Mistress w Anal Training in Referral Leaked Video Clip Features : Leela Lapin, POV Procedure, Surgical Mask, Bouffant Cap, MedFet, Medical Fetish, POV, Latex Gloves, Isolation Gown, Scrubs, Anal Training, Punishment, Teasing, Femdom, Mistress, Anal, Dilators, Treatment, Submissive Training, Lab Coat, Doctor, Role Play, Fantasy

You’ve been failing to adhere to the terms of your contract as a submissive under your Mistress. You committed to being celibate but have been running around and fooling around, using women. You’re disappointed and think you’re justified because your Mistress won’t have sex with you? Do you not understand the nature of your relationship? Well, you’ll get fucked now… She’s referred you to me so that I might stretch you out and get you ready for her to fuck your ass. That’s right. Now hop up on the table, we’ll start with a rinse and get things under way.

I stand at the foot of the table in an apron and pull on some exam gloves, as I lift your drape you give me a one liner come on and I am appalled. Your Mistress is going to be so disappointed in you. I reach for a small cleansing enema and part your buttocks, without warning I insert the tip and begin to fill your rectum with the saline enema, telling you to make an effort to retain the liquid. You lament the lack of warning but I am unsympathetic and tease you. After emptying the container into your ass I leave you to hold it and inform you that I’ll be sending in a nurse with a bedpan shortly (not depicted in the video). 

Now that I’ve cleansed you we’re ready to get your "treatment" underway. I return in an isolation gown and don new sterile exam gloves. Your Mistress suggested that you can already take a finger or two so we’ll start with a size 3 dilator. As I prepare it you remark on it’s size and I taunt you – This is just the beginning. You ask for a warning this time and I do you the kindness of obliging. We work up from the size 3 to the size 5 while I stretch you out, slowly working the clinical dilators in and out of your ass, and applying pressure against your anus and the sides of your rectum. I take my time doing this and chiding you as we move along.

As I retract the final dilator I apply upwards pressure, stimulating your prostate and cum dribbles out of you and I laugh a little about the mess you’ve made. Your Mistress did tell me that I could reward you if you behaved… And while you complained, overall you were complaisant. 

I tell you I’ve taken you as far as I can, but that you’ve got a ways to go. I lift up your Mistress’ dildo showing you that it’s larger than the biggest dilator. I doubt she’ll be as gentle with you as I have when she uses your fuckhole.

Alright. I’m going to have you clean all of this up. Is that clear? Perfect. Now be good for her – Otherwise you just might see me again. 😉 – Leela Lapin Leaks Free Download