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Your Ex Takes Back Control – Littleredheadlisa Full (1920×1080)

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15:06 Full Video – Your Ex Takes Back Control Leaked Video I am your ex and I run into you at a party we meet in one of the empty rooms.I say even with another woman I can’t help but notice you keep staring at me. I know you still want me, it’s obvious. I say that you can stop trying to deny it because I have proof. I point down to the bulge in your pants, why don’t you drop them for me, I always thought you looked better that way anyway. I am amused that even after all this time it was that easy to get your pants down. I bet you would drop them in front of your girlfriend if I asked. I could get you to do just about anything even to jerk off here and now. I remove my dress and notice how excited that made you as I give you permission to start jerking. I tease my body in front of you. I know you spent years getting over me and now I mentally own your sex life once again. When your girlfriend touches you, you will be thinking of me. your mind, cock and orgasms all belong to me. You will be at home and suddenly I will enter your mind. This exact moment with your pants down, dick in your hands and me in front of you in nothing but my panties. I take off my panties and ask if you want them. Of course you do but I want something first. I take out some handcuffs and say I will let you cum but I need something from you first and I reach behind you and cuff your hands behind your back. I stuff my panties in your mouth and start jerking you, teasing putting you in my mouth but never do. As promised I will make you cum but I want to enjoy this and if I put you in my mouth I know you will blow your load instantly. I want you to know what’s going to happen after you cum. I am going to make you cum all over yourself, all over your pants around your ankles, all over you underwear and I am going to leave you this way. Pants down, panties in you mouth, cock and clothes dripping with cum, dominated, used and humiliated. Then I will leave the door wide open. Stood here struggling, pantsed and dominated for someone to find. I hope it’s your girlfriend. I countdown from 10 and you cum. I take the panties out of your mouth and put them over your head blocking your view and leaving. – Littleredheadlisa Leaks Free Download