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Orgasm Denial – Blondesugar93 Full (1920×1080)

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09:37 Full Video – Orgasm Denial Leaked Video *Disclaimer : video uses the name “Toby” ; preview is sped up 2x (my previews are sped up 99% of the time)

You’ve been such a patient boy, Toby. Now it’s time for your reward.
Let me unlock this cage. You weren’t expecting this, huh?
Oh, your heart is racing, this feels unreal, doesn’t it?
I don’t want you to cum right away, let me just wrap my hand around your hard cock. Look at you, you’re so sensitive.

Let’s start real slow, I want to tease you with every touch.
I love feeling you throb in my hand.
Let me pick up the pace, I want to hear you moan.
"Are you ready to cum for me, Toby? Tell me how much you want it."
Oh, your eyes are pleading for release.

Just as you’re about to climax, I abruptly stop, leaving you on the brink of orgasm.
Not yet, Toby. I decide when you get to cum. Now, back in the cage you go.
Hahaha poor thing, look at you… Whimpering in frustration! Your body is quivering with desire, it’s so mean of me to deny you the release you’re craving.
You’re such a good boy, Toby. I love playing with you. Maybe next time I’ll let you finish. But for now, you’ll have to wait…

I’m not done with you yet. I want you to watch as I pleasure myself. It feels so good to be able to do so whenever I please… A privilege you do not have.
It’s going to be even more difficult to be locked up in that cage now that you’ve felt my hands on your cock. You’ll fantasize about this moment over and over, wondering if it will ever happen again… – Blondesugar93 Leaks Free Download