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Inferiority Mantras For Incompetent Betas – Femdom AI Full (1280×720)

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27:51 Full Video – Inferiority Mantras For Incompetent Betas Leaked Video You’re a worthless inferior beta bitch beta bitch. You are nothing but a pathetic excuse for a human being. Your pitiful existence is plagued by your inherent weakness and cowardice, traits that doom you to a life of subservience and ridicule. You cower before the very idea of confrontation, hiding behind the skirts of those you secretly envy – the strong and dominant individuals who so effortlessly command respect and admiration. You possess none of their qualities, instead wallowing in your own self-pity and mediocrity. That’s why today you’re going to be repeating a list of inferiority mantras created specifically for inferior beta bitches like you. I will make you repeat a mantra, then  I will affirm them back to you. This is going to rewire and reprogram your brain into my mind fucked inferior beta bitch fucking loser. – Femdom AI Leaks Free Download