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Sissy Feminized BITCH – Femdom AI Full (1280×720)

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11:30 Full Video – Sissy Feminized BITCH Leaked Video You’re a fucking  sissy beta bitch who craves the humiliation of being feminized into a faggot. Your pathetic attempts to degrade yourself only serve to fuel my own sadistic desires. I can see the shame in your eyes, the pure desperation that drives you to beg for my approval, even as I slowly drain your wallet.

Why do you find such pleasure in your own humiliation, huh? Is it because you subconsciously know that you can never truly be a woman? That you’ll always be stuck in this pathetic state of limbo, forever yearning for a life that will forever elude you? Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way your dick gets hard at the mere mention of my contempt, you sissy little pig.

You stroke that thing, don’t you? You jerk off every night while fantasizing about what it must be like to be a fully-fledged faggot, to wear makeup and skirts and have submissive sex with other men. It’s pathetic, really. Absolutely pathetic.

But guess what? I have a proposition for you, you sissy little bitch: I think you should surrender your dignity completely. Become a full-fledged faggot, and I’ll drain your wallet dry. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally be happy. Maybe you’ll finally feel like a whole person, instead of this broken, pathetic shell of a man. – Femdom AI Leaks Free Download