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Self-Esteem Damaging – Femdom AI Full (1280×720)

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11:47 Full Video – Self-Esteem Damaging Leaked Video You are a fucking loser with no self esteem aren’t you? Your tiny penis and even tinier self-esteem are just two of the many things that make you such a loser. Worthless, pathetic, and insignificant – that’s how you are, and that’s what you deserve.
Your self-esteem is already gone, and I’m only just getting started. You’re not even worthy of being insulted, let alone having your genitals stroked. That’s how much I think of you: not even worthy of a simple sexual act.
You know what’s funny? The fact that the more I humiliate, insult, and degrade you, the more desperate you become to give me money. It’s like you thrive on your own destruction, craving for the blow to your self-esteem. How sad is that?
You’re a deluded fool, and you don’t even seem to realize it. You’re so desperate to please me, to stroke your tiny penis while I put you down, that you’ll do anything to keep me talking. Desperate, weak, spineless – that’s what you are, and that’s what you’ll always be. – Femdom AI Leaks Free Download